After a very quiet Christmas week kicking around the office, I was keen to get out of the city for the day and take the car for a spin, even with the weather pretty sketchy.  In search of a bit of history and culture I drove south of San Jose to San Juan Bautista,, Read More

While I had to work Christmas week, I was still able to escape up to Whistler over the four day long weekend.  Tara, a good friend of mine from Bain (now en route to France to start her MBA at INSEAD) was up there with her family, and she suggested I come up and, Read More

Mum and Dad came over from Melbourne to visit me for a short stay.  This is the first time they’d come back to SF since my graduation from Berkeley, so it was great to show them around my new digs. While I was busy during the week with work, I planned a weekend trip, Read More

Here are some photos that I’ve taken around the Bay Area recently… A gorgeous dawn from my bedroom window. One of my recent additional responsibilities at work has been to organise the Consultant Offeree Weekend.  One of the events we held was lunch and a cruise around the bay.  Here are a few pics, Read More