Daniella and I have finally locked in our honeymoon plans, and we’ve decided on a truly memorable, once-in-a-lifetime trip.  Straight after the wedding weekend in Mexico we’ll hop on a plane and fly to Kathmandu (via Istanbul) where we’ll disappear into the Nepal Himalaya for three weeks of exploration, trekking and even a spot of high-altitude, Read More

Not long now!!  Final prep is underway and I’m headed to Alaska in just a few days.  I’m excited, admittedly also a little nervous, but feel ready for the adventure and challenge to come. Follow the Expedition My updates I’m planning to post to social media as we go using the DeLorme inReach Explorer satellite communicator and GPS, Read More

I’ve been reading up more on the West Buttress route up Denali.  I was looking for the full expedition experience and this route definitely seems to fit the bill – hauling gear to camps higher and higher up the mountain before attempting a summit push will be quite a challenge! Here’s a day-to-day sample itinerary from the Alpine, Read More

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Talk about saving the best for last!  With Bolivia behind me, I had one last destination I really wanted to see in Argentina before heading back to Buenos Aires for my final stint in South America: the falls at Iguazú!  I’d been told by many people that they’re one of the most impressive natural, Read More

I remember the first time I heard of the Ice Cap (also called the South Patagonian Ice Field or the Continental Ice Cap), many years ago now as I was just getting into the mountain scene.  I was flicking through a Macpac outdoor gear catalog from NZ and they had a full double-page photo of their, Read More

Gokyo is a pretty little village nestled between a turquoise lake and the edge of the glacier.  It’s the furthest and highest permanent settlement in the valley, and used to be nothing more than a summer pasture for local herders.  It’s still quite undeveloped with only a few lodges. We woke up early the, Read More

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Milan Pathak and I took a week off work and flew down to Rome.  Neither of us had been there before and we really wanted to get down there.  We checked into a brand new hotel opposite the train station and walked into the heart of the city.  Needless to say, we both loved, Read More