I know, I know, I’ve been reaaaaaally bad at updating this site since I moved to Madrid back in October last year.  I’ve been keeping myself busy through a LOT of travels on weekends, and that combined with management consulting hours doesn’t leave a lot of time to post photos up here!  But keep reminding, Read More

Placeholder post… Essaouira, Ameln Valley, Aït Benhaddou

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We spent our final few days in and around the northern city Tamale (pron. “ta-mah-lay”).  The north of Ghana is drier and far more arid savannah, and famine and hunger are much more prevalent.  And boy was it hot hot HOT.  We were there to meet with the UN World Food Programme and Catholic, Read More

On our second weekend we took the chance to go way off the beaten track to Mole National Park, a large park in north-western Ghana known for its wild elephant population.  To get there it was a bumpy and looooong drive along terrible roads with our Ghana Health Service driver Donku at the wheel., Read More

While we were in the Ashanti region, Abenaa took us to see her pilot program – finally we would get to see a school feeding program in action!  After six months of working on the project we were keen to see how one actually looked and operated. We drove a few hours north-east of, Read More

Kumasi is the capital of the Ashanti Kingdom in central Ghana, and it was our home for the second week of our trip.  We were there to work with Abenaa, another member of the UN Hunger Task Force, a senior staff member of the Ghana Health Service and the woman responsible for the pilot, Read More

I didn’t know it before I picked up a guide book, but Ghana was at the centre of the slave trade from West Africa to Europe and the New World.  We’d been told that we HAD to go and see the remnants of this dark chapter in Ghana’s history, so for our first weekend, Read More