I traveled to Canada in early August for Sloane Hunter and Mitch Wegmann’s wedding in Canmore, in the Canadian Rockies.  I hadn’t seen Sloane, a close friend from my European backpacking travels in ’99, in around eight years since I visited her in chilly Alberta over Christmas 2000.  I’d never met Mitch either, so I, Read More

While I had to work Christmas week, I was still able to escape up to Whistler over the four day long weekend.  Tara, a good friend of mine from Bain (now en route to France to start her MBA at INSEAD) was up there with her family, and she suggested I come up and, Read More

One of the great perks of working at Bain are its global training sessions, where trainees and trainers come together from all across the Bain network.  The first of these is New Consultant Training (NCT) which is usually held in Miami, but this session was held in Montreal for the first time. It was, Read More

With my apartment hunting out of the way a lot sooner than I planned, I was able to get up to Victoria to visit my friend Caroline, who I’ve known since the early days in Switzerland when she was over there as an au pair.  Together we drove north all the way up and, Read More

(Note: I get a lot of shit from my Canadian friends – you know who you are! – about the lack of detail or photos on my Canada page.  All my photos from the trip are on film and presently boxed up in storage in Melbourne.  You’ll just have to wait until I get, Read More