Back in La Paz, and with a day up my sleeve before I was due to fly back to Buenos Aires, I had the chance to do something I’d heard rave reviews about from some fellow travelers: mountain biking the “World’s Most Dangerous Road”! The road in question is that which connects La Paz, Read More

I’d been looking forward to a tour of the Potosí mines ever since I first heard it was possible, and it didn’t disappoint ONE BIT!  It was easily one of the best adventures I’ve had traveling EVER – and hey that’s saying something…! First stop was to get kitted out in all the protective, Read More

A mining town might be a strange final destination in Bolivia for me to choose, but as it says on the city’s coat of arms, “rich Potosí, the treasure of the world, and the envy of kings” is no ordinary mining town! The city was founded in 1545 after rich silver deposits were discovered, Read More

One of THE highlights of Bolivia is the incredible Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat.  It’s a mind-boggling 12,106 square kilometres in size and sits at an also impressive 3,653m altitude. Like all things in Bolivia it turned out to be a bitch to get to.  It was a nightmarish 13 hour, Read More

I got back early from Lake Titicaca and had a day and a half free in La Paz (I’m heading further south on a bus tonight).  I had another good wander around the Witch’s Market, here are a few photos:                I was fortunate enough to time my visit, Read More

We caught the morning ferry from Copacobana to La Isla del Sol (the Island of the Sun), which lies in the off the southern shore of Lake Titicaca.  Apart from its beauty and dramatic scenery, Isla del Sol was used for religious ceremonies by the Incas, and we wanted to check out the remnants, Read More

I left La Paz on a jam-packed colectivo (minivan) for the town of Copacobana on the shore of Lake Titicaca.  It was an interesting mix of people, with a combination of backpackers (four lads from Argentina) and locals heading home from the city.  It quickly turned from a basic three hour trip into a, Read More

Without the time to duck into Peru and experience Macchu Picchu (it’s been on my “To Do” list for years…), I was keen to make a day trip out of La Paz to see the ruins at Tiahuanaco, on the old shoreline of sacred Lake Titicaca. To make it easy for myself I signed, Read More

I left Santa Cruz’s hot and humid conditions and boarded an ageing 727-100 (!) that looked like it had just one more flight left in it.  One hour later, and having flown through a large thunderstorm, I arrived in La Paz, which at around 4,000m makes it the world’s highest capital city by far, Read More

Here are some more photos… The Habitat group on our final day with Adriana Escalante, the owner of the house, and her children.