With both the 15s and sevens seasons complete, the rugby club held the annual End of Season Banquet at the Olympic Club this weekend.  The O-Club put on a great spread, and after the awards and speeches we hit up a nearby bar to continue into the small hours of the morning.    , Read More

With two matches left in the Northern California 1st Division competition, we flew to Salk Lake City for the day to take on Park City Haggis (think: very large Polynesians).  It was a brisk, sunny day with an icy wind blowing, but the views of the surrounding mountains from the pitch were outstanding (and, Read More

This blog is still under construction and I’m slowly bringing my entries up-to-date.  Please come back again soon, when I should have the following pages up and running: More Swiss Alps: mountaineering, hiking, snowboarding Rugby: Rugby Club Zurich, Swiss Rugby, Berkeley RFC Trip summaries (text with a few select photos) from my travels around, Read More

I always wanted to go to this tournament hosted by Duke University each year in North Carolina.  Even before I began business school I’d heard about it, but since coming to Berkeley I haven’t been able to get a Haas team together because we’re a small business school and there just isn’t the interest, Read More

Rugby Club Zurich won the Swiss Cup for the first time in 2003.  It was a fantastic day for the club, with all three teams (Mens A, Mens B, Womens) winning their respective national trophies.  It was great to be a part of such a day. First team photo before the match.    , Read More

Rugby Club Zurich has a tradition to go on tour every Easter, typically to a city around Europe like Berlin, Edinburgh, London or Stockholm, but in 2002 the club decided to go big and head to Brazil.  Some 35 team mates signed up for the tour and our trip was for around 2 1/2 weeks with three, Read More

From a group email sent to family and friends after my trip: In early October I flew out of Switzerland to Dublin, and from there raced straight up to Belfast for the Aussie’s first Rugby World Cup game – versus Romania.  It was great being there for the event with what must’ve been every, Read More

I recently dug up some old group emails that my Mum has held onto, and decided to spend some time transcribing them back online for posterity here on my site (as my old Hotmail account dating back to the nineties is long gone). Grüezi miteinander! Sorry I haven’t been around for a while but, Read More