My sister Marnie’s marriage to Matt Higgs got me back to Melbourne for the first time since I left to return to San Francisco a year ago.  It was a whirlwind week-long trip but really lovely to see the family and catch up with my friends again after yet another (my ninth!) year living, Read More

I’ve never had a surprise birthday party, and this one definitely came as a surprise!  Just before we left for Samoa, I’d sent out an email to all my friends in Melbourne inviting them to Mum & Dad’s place on Saturday 14th January for some casual birthday drinks and a catch-up.  What I didn’t, Read More

My gorgeous sister Marnie gave Adriana and I a fantastic Christmas present: dinner on Melbourne’s restaurant tram!  I’d seen it trundle around Melbourne’s streets for years and had always wanted to do it. We climbed aboard the tram in near the Yarra river in the early evening.  It traveled through South Melbourne and around, Read More

We had a few more days together in Melbourne before Karen flew back to Townsville and Sally and Ren flew back to Perth.  Before everyone went their separate ways we had some pre-dinner drinks at Marnie’s apartment in the Docklands, followed by one last big family dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant in Hawthorn., Read More

The last time I’d been home for Christmas was way back in 1999, so it was a great to be around family and friends this year.  It was especially important for me to be home because my older sister Sally was pregnant with her first baby, so it was definitely a time to celebrate! , Read More