Once I knew I was passing through the Czech Republic, I was hankering to get back down to Cesky Krumlov, a small, historic and World Heritage-listed town in southern Bohemia.  I was last there in 1999 when it was just popping up in the travel guidebooks.  I had a fantastic few days there checking, Read More

I’m on my way south now and decided to breeze through the Czech Republic on my way down to Slovenia and Croatia.  I caught the train from Krakow to Prague and arrived early in the evening.  I didn’t have anything booked but was lucky enough to find a cheap hostel near the train station., Read More

(Yet another trip well before the era of digital cameras!¬† I’ll have to scan in some photos sometime…) While I was interning at ABB Power Generation in Switzerland in 1998-1999, I was able to negotiate six weeks off to backpack around Europe over the summer. ¬†Here’s a summary of the trip, with extracts from, Read More