For my last weekend in Europe I met up with my Swedish friend Carolin Olsson in Italy.  She had been holidaying down on Lago Maggiore with her family around the Swiss town of Locarno, so I flew into Milano and we met up in Verbania on the Italian side of the lake. On Saturday, Read More

I received a week of annual leave while I was working at Deutsche Post/DHL over the summer – I couldn’t believe it either! – and so I took a week off work to travel around Sicily.         I flew into Catania on the east coast and made straight for Agrigento, a five, Read More

I’ve been wanting to get to Florence for absolutely ages.  After many long weekend trips from Switzerland I can tick off most of the northern half of Italy – including Milan, Venice a couple of times, Tuscany, the Cinque Terre, and of course Rome.  But somehow I’ve always missed Florence.  Now that I’m going, Read More

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Milan Pathak and I took a week off work and flew down to Rome.  Neither of us had been there before and we really wanted to get down there.  We checked into a brand new hotel opposite the train station and walked into the heart of the city.  Needless to say, we both loved, Read More

I’ve been to Venice a couple of times, and still love it.  My first trip there was in the early Spring of 1999 – my friend Katie Brown was backpacking around Europe and we organized to meet up for a long weekend in Venice.  I caught the overnight train down there from Zurich and, Read More

I recently dug up some old group emails that my Mum has held onto, and decided to spend some time transcribing them back online for posterity here on my site (as my old Hotmail account dating back to the nineties is long gone). Grüezi miteinander! Sorry I haven’t been around for a while but, Read More