San Francisco in December

Here are some photos that I’ve taken around the Bay Area recently…

A gorgeous dawn from my bedroom window.

One of my recent additional responsibilities at work has been to organise the Consultant Offeree Weekend.  One of the events we held was lunch and a cruise around the bay.  Here are a few pics of the city from it:

Dsc_4712     Dsc_4720

Dsc_4718     Dsc_4724

Home sweet home – Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower.

Dsc_4772a     Dsc_4773b
(L) Charlie’s Angels.  (R) “Like a tiger!”

I was walking home one rainy evening and the Transamerica Building was lit up with some enormous spotlights (why I don’t know…):

Img_3869     Img_3874a


Img_4118_2The Transamerica, with Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope building in contrast.

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