Kumasi is the capital of the Ashanti Kingdom in central Ghana, and it was our home for the second week of our trip.  We were there to work with Abenaa, another member of the UN Hunger Task Force, a senior staff member of the Ghana Health Service and the woman responsible for the pilot, Read More

I didn’t know it before I picked up a guide book, but Ghana was at the centre of the slave trade from West Africa to Europe and the New World.  We’d been told that we HAD to go and see the remnants of this dark chapter in Ghana’s history, so for our first weekend, Read More

We arrived in hot and humid Accra and checked into one of the better hotels in the tourist district. Over the next week we spent each day meeting with a bunch of government departments and officials, several UN agencies, a handful of NGOs and other relevant organizations. By the week’s end we were happy, Read More

For all the years I lived in Switzerland, I decided to live close to work in Baden.  That was definitely a trade-off as all the action was in Zurich, a 15 minute train ride away.  Baden was definitely a sleepy little town in comparison. As I was working in Germany over the summer, I, Read More

After I finished the academic year at Berkeley, and before I started work in Germany for the summer, I got back to Switzerland to visit some friends and get back into the Alps for a hike or two. While there I stayed in Baden, the town where I lived for the five years I, Read More

Here’s a few pics from some of the festivities to celebrate the end of first year.  Some of the highlights included a fantastic class banquet at the International House followed by an after-party at Brad’s place up above the school, and a bonfire on Ocean Beach one evening to celebrate Kristin Richmond’s birthday.  , Read More

I had a few days to kill between flying in to Europe and flying down to Switzerland, so I took the chance to visit my friend and travel companion Jolien Blankestijn in the Netherlands.  We met up in her home town of Apeldoorn, jumped in the car and drove west towards the coast.  We, Read More

The school’s International Business Development (IBD) program was something I’d always wanted to be a part of, and I was fortunate enough to be selected for it.  The program is an opportunity for MBA students to put their skills to the test by providing pro bono (ie. free) consulting services to clients around the, Read More