I traveled to Bikaner en route to Delhi for one very quirky reason – a "Rat Temple".  I’d heard about it from a few backpackers back in Delhi and it sounded worth the stopover. A street scene in Bikaner.  Note the oh-so-safe LPG bottle strapped to the back of the bicycle! The temple was, Read More

From the outset I have to say I loved the “Blue City” of Jodhpur with its towering fortress looming high above the town below.  Jodhpur was a very manageable size, more a town than a city, pretty in parts, there was lots to see and do, it was fun to wander the streets and, Read More

One afternoon in Jaisalmer I took the chance to head out into the desert for sunset.  I drove out with a bunch of backpackers to an area of the desert covered with rolling sand dunes. Some of the other backpackers had arranged to take a camel ride across the desert for a few hours,, Read More

For the second half of my trip around India’s “Golden Triangle” I delved into the deserts of Rajasthan to visit three very different cities – Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner.  Jaisalmer was my first stop and an overnight 2nd class train ride away.  It was quite an experience – triple bunks and no linen, a, Read More

Thanks to my mate Milan’s family connections, I’d been able to arrange a private tour around the Taj Mahal (for free – yay!).  The only catch was that it started at five something-or-other in the morning, meaning a veeeery early start.  This didn’t turn out to be a bad decision however, as it was, Read More

I’d been told about this place by a few travelers along the way, and had to check it out.  It was a day trip from Agra and for anyone heading out that way it’s well and truly worth it. Fatepur Sikri is a deserted city – originally built by royalty several hundred years ago,, Read More

My next stop was Agra where I had a few things on my list to see – the Taj Mahal (of course!), Agra Fort, and the little-known ancient city of Fatepur Sikri.   While in Agra I got in touch with the extended family of my good friend Milan Pathak (who I knew from work, Read More