The Blue City of Jodhpur

From the outset I have to say I loved the “Blue City” of Jodhpur with its towering fortress looming high above the town below.  Jodhpur was a very manageable size, more a town than a city, pretty in parts, there was lots to see and do, it was fun to wander the streets and marketplaces, and the people were always wonderfully warm and friendly.  The fortress was particularly impressive and the views from there over the blue-hued town were great!

I spent my days here alternating between walking around and soaking up the atmosphere, and trying to stay out of the heat (usually by sitting up on the rooftop of my hotel in the shade consuming cold drinks and ice creams (or hot curries).  I found these yummy lassis (cold drinks made with yoghurt) at a shop near the market that were laced with delicious cardamon, and I had at least one a day every day I was there!

The first rains of the monsoon season came while I was in Jodhpur.  It was an incredibly humid evening, some huge thunderclouds rolled in and the heavens opened with a real tropical downpour.  It didn’t last long but all the locals (and I) were out in the streets and on the rooftops celebrating and enjoying the refreshing cool wetness of the rain.  I asked someone how long it had been since their last rainfall and he said nine months!  Wow!  No wonder everyone was excited…!

The town’s central market with the fortress above.

Dscn0715     Dscn0717
The fortress exterior.                             And its interior.

The view from the fortress walls down to the “Blue City” below.

Part of the town as viewed from the fortress.

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