I’d been told by many people that seeing an Argentinian football (soccer) match live shouldn’t be missed, and up until my penultimate day in Buenos Aires I thought I’d missed my chance as the season had ended back in November when I first arrived.  But on my final afternoon in the city I found, Read More

Aaaaah, it’s great to be back in the city…! I’m in my apartment again and straight back into the swing of things here.  I’m also taking another dose of Spanish classes (private this time), but damn if it didn’t get really bloody hard all of a sudden!!!   Looks like I’ve moved past the easy, Read More

Talk about saving the best for last!  With Bolivia behind me, I had one last destination I really wanted to see in Argentina before heading back to Buenos Aires for my final stint in South America: the falls at Iguazú!  I’d been told by many people that they’re one of the most impressive natural, Read More