Even though I was only in Belize for 10 days, I couldn’t resist the temptation to pop over the border into Guatemala to revisit Tikal.  Ever since my first visit in 2002 with Alexa I’ve been wanting to return – I just found it such a timeless and awesome place to experience. I took, Read More

This was the highlight of my trip to Belize!  The Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave is a river cave that was used by the Mayans centuries ago for human sacrifices and other ceremonies and rituals.  The government has limited the number of companies that can conduct the tour in order to preserve the site, Read More

For my second and final Spring Break of business school I organized to go to Belize with a bunch of friends from Berkeley – Neal Kohl, Josh Moreen, Ayako Tanaka, Tara Davis and KJ Yoo.  Neal and I flew down together as the advance party, and the others joined us over the following few, Read More

Darren Miao and I decided to go ice climbing with an outfit called Sierra Mountain Guides.  I have a fair bit of experience on ice and rock in the mountains, but I’d never tried technical ice climbing – the steepest I’ve climbed before would have been around 50-60 degrees. Our destination was a one, Read More