I’ve never had a surprise birthday party, and this one definitely came as a surprise!  Just before we left for Samoa, I’d sent out an email to all my friends in Melbourne inviting them to Mum & Dad’s place on Saturday 14th January for some casual birthday drinks and a catch-up.  What I didn’t, Read More

My gorgeous sister Marnie gave Adriana and I a fantastic Christmas present: dinner on Melbourne’s restaurant tram!  I’d seen it trundle around Melbourne’s streets for years and had always wanted to do it. We climbed aboard the tram in near the Yarra river in the early evening.  It traveled through South Melbourne and around, Read More

We returned to ‘Upolu and stayed in Apia another night before making our way to the best beach on the island at Lalomanu, on the south-east corner.  The bus ride over took us across the rugged, mountainous and green interior of the island.  Once we arrived we dumped our gear in our beach fale, Read More

We quickly found out why Savai’i is indeed the less touristy island.  It was tough to get around the place, and difficult and expensive to make any travel or tour arrangements.  The hard truth is that Savai’i really doesn’t have much to offer the tourist – or at least not as much as the, Read More

Adriana and had I planned a mini-holiday within our Australian trip, and on New Year’s Day we flew from Melbourne to Apia, the capital of Independent Samoa (formerly Western Samoa, and yes that’s different to American Samoa).  Because of the Date Time Line we actually arrived JUST after midnight on New Year’s Eve –, Read More