I left Alex and Laura in Antigua and flew down to Nicaragua to catch up with Jolien.  I flew into the capital Managua and caught a bus down to the old town of Granada. I’d describe Granada as "having potential" – it’s like a run-down Antigua, with some beautiful colonial-style buildings, restaurants and hotels. , Read More

I was really looking forward to seeing Antigua, and after our trip up Pacaya we had a couple of days to explore the town before the two Johns had to head back to California.  We really loved the town for its architecture, laid-back atmosphere, great food and good bars.  It didn’t disappoint!     , Read More

The bus ride from Copan in Honduras to Antigua in Guatemala took some time, and it was dark by the time we arrived in the city.  We had some luck finding a good deal at a beautiful colonial-era hotel near the market, and as Poff and Earner had one last day before flying home, Read More

En route from Utila to Antigua and near the border with Guatemala, we stayed a night in Copan to see the Mayan ruins there of the same name.  Copan itself was a little village in the mountains with a lovely colonial centre. An afternoon street scene in Copan. We walked from town to the, Read More

I met up with the others in La Ceiba and we caught the ferry over the next morning.  It was a rough ride across so we were glad to get there. Meeting up with the lads in La Ceiba. We’d booked a hotel room a few minutes walk from the pier and found it, Read More