Bain New Consultant Training in Montreal

One of the great perks of working at Bain are its global training sessions, where trainees and trainers come together from all across the Bain network.  The first of these is New Consultant Training (NCT) which is usually held in Miami, but this session was held in Montreal for the first time.

It was a great but busy week.  My team (“Lucky Seven”) was a diverse mix of nationalities (Australia, USA, UK, Germany, Belgium) and backgrounds (new Consultants, promoted Associate Consultants, even a Manager that had just joined Bain from another firm).  We had a lot of fun together and worked pretty well as a team, finishing solidly in the top five.  The days were typically quite busy with lessons and exercises, but in typical Bain style we went out late every night.  Montreal was an awesome location in that regard with a great nightlife – restaurants, bars, clubs etc.

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