Business AND Pleasure in Asia

After traveling to crappy Texas every week for work, I finally got rewarded when I was asked to travel to Asia to run a series of management interviews for my client.  It was a last-minute decision and was a tight trip, squeezed between the Bain offsite in San Diego (I raced back from it, swapped over my bags, and went straight back to the airport), another week in Austin, and New Consultant Training in Montreal.  On the plus side I was able to score a first class ticket on my fave airline, Singapore Airlines, which was a fantastic experience!

Img_3245     Img_3253
First class Singapore Airlines = awesome!!!  Personal service, pyjamas, more legroom than you could ever need, and a bed complete with bedsheet and duvet!

After a stopover in Hong Kong I arrived in Singapore feeling quite refreshed.  I checked into the hotel and met up with fellow Bainee Alex, who’d flown over on a different airline.  We’d timed our flights so that we’d have Sunday to explore Singapore (and get over jetlag).

Img_3268     Img_3273

Img_3287     Img_3293

Img_3294     Img_3306a

One of the more fascinating sights we saw was a Buddhist temple.

Img_3314a     Img_3315a


Img_3319     Img_3308

Img_3337     Img_3347

After Monday at the client site we met up with the other half of our team, went for a few drinks (typical!) and a great dinner out.

Img_3373     Img_3382
(L) Raffles by night. (R) Singapore Slings all round!

After just a couple of days in Singapore, Alex and I flew north up to the island of Penang off the coast of mainland Malaysia.

Img_3409     Img_3415
(L) Chinese theatre on the streets of Georgetown.  (R) A very dodgy bar.

Img_3420     Img_3422
(L) Cramped taxi.  (R) Sleepy consultants.

With all the work done for the week, and Alex jetting off to Ireland for the next leg of his trip, I had a free day on Penang to go sightseeing.  I caught a taxi up to Georgetown, rented a motorbike (bit of tradition by now whenever I find myself on an island) and went off to experience some of the island’s sights, sounds and tastes.

Img_3481     Img_3431
The quaint colonial streets of Georgetown.

Img_3473a     Img_3474

Img_3461     Img_3464a
Incredible stone carvings within the temple…

Img_3486     Img_3497
(L) Ants on my rainforest hike.  (R) A nice beach at the end of it.

Img_3511     Img_3514
Tropical fruits for sale.  Mangosteens = yummy.  Durian = stinky.

Img_3517     Img_3521
(L) Yet another temple.  (R) Giant incense sticks!

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