Fjällräven Polar Adventure – I Need Your Votes!


Hi everyone!

I recently applied for the awesome opportunity to join the Fjällräven Polar adventure in Norway next April, however I need your help to get selected!

Half the participants will be chosen by popular vote, with the other half chosen by a panel.  I’d really appreciate it if you could click HERE and vote for me by December 12th.  You’ll need a Facebook account, but it only takes a quick second.

Many thanks!  Paul.

Competition site:
My entry:

From my entry…

About Me: Wow, sign me up! That was my reaction when I first heard about this arctic adventure. I’ve been living, studying and working around the globe for the past 15 years, and I’ve always looked for new challenges and life-changing experiences. That spirit of adventure and exploration has taken me to 80+ countries so far, and I’m not planning to slow down anytime soon. I’m passionate about getting outdoors and escape into the mountains any chance I get – trekking, alpine climbing, you name it I love it!

Motivation: My last trip to Norway was to run the Polar Night Half Marathon in Tromsø, and I was in awe at the raw and rugged winter beauty of the endless fjords and mountains – I’d love to return and experience more of what this incredible country has to offer! I’ll be attempting an ascent of Denali in Alaska next year, and the Polar adventure provides the ideal physical challenge to prepare for that as well as an opportunity to test the Fjällräven gear I’m planning to take up the mountain.

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