A Personal Milestone

Friends and loved ones,
I recently celebrated a personal milestone of sorts that I wanted to share with each of you.
A couple of months ago I passed the ten year mark living and working overseas.  It's an achievement I'm proud of, but it does leave me in a somewhat contemplative and reflective mood.  When I left Australia young and naive back in late 1998, I never, ever thought that I'd still be going strong a decade later!  In my wildest imagination I couldn't think that I'd live and work in six countries on four continents, pick up a couple of languages along the way, or that I'd travel through ~80 countries throughout this incredible planet.  I've seen and done some amazing things that I'll treasure always.  I've been, admittedly, incredibly fortunate.
And of course there are all of you who I've shared it with along the way!  I'm thankful to each one of you for being part of my personal journey, and for letting me be a part of yours.  For some that was nothing more than a fleeting and fun encounter in some far-flung corner of the globe.  For others, at the other end of the spectrum, knowing you has been a deep and enriching experience that has influenced, affected, inspired and shaped me profoundly.  Indeed, you have all left your mark on me in some way or another, and I'm enormously appreciative of that.
I can only wonder what lies in store for me in the next ten years on this path less traveled.  I really have no idea as I'm still taking life as it comes, but I sure hope it's as wild a ride as the last decade!  In case you haven't been able to keep track of my whereabouts, I'm now living in Madrid, Spain, where I transferred from San Francisco with my work (Bain & Company, a management consultancy) back in October last year.  No complaints at all, life is good!  And, as always, I have some more adventure tucked up my sleeve – in the next few months I will be riding a motorbike through the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan, lazing on a beach in Cuba, and running with the bulls in Pamplona!  Definitely the year for living dangerously!!  🙂
I hope you're happy and well, wherever you are in this amazing world and whatever you're doing.  Until our paths cross again, and I hope they do, please always keep in touch!  I'd love to hear from you.
With much love,

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