A Day Off in Berkeley

I’ve had a little "on the beach" downtime between private equity cases recently, and decided to head across the bay one day midweek to chill out on the Berkeley campus, stick my head into the administrative offices at the Haas School of Business and say hi to a few friends, eat lunch at one of my favourite hangouts, and shop for a few CDs at the iconic Amoeba Records.  It was great to get back to the alma mater for the day, and here are a few photos I snapped:

Dsc_4818     Dsc_4836
Sather Gate.                                           One of the undergrad dorms.

Dsc_4826     Dsc_4829
The beautiful Campanile.

Dsc_4828     Dsc_4832
One of my fave places on campus: the Faculty Glade.

Dsc_4833     Dsc_4834
Haas School of Business – "home" for two years.

Dsc_4850a     Dsc_4853a
The magnificent Main Library.                Magnolias in front of California Hall.

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