A Few More Pics Around the Bay Area

I’ve really been enjoying the freedom of having a car recently, and on a lovely afternoon one weekend I went for a short drive to some corners of the city that are hard to get to without a car.

Dsc_4391     Dsc_4405
The fog creeps in.                                   Seacliff neighbourhood.

Dsc_4394     Dsc_4387
Relaxing at Baker Beach.                         Surfers under the bridge.

Baker’s Beach at sunset.

I had my old mate Karl from home come visit.  We used to serve in the army together, and these days he runs a business with offices in Australia, the USA (in nearby Silicon Valley) and elsewhere.  It was a beautiful day so we took my car for a spin down to Half Moon Bay, stopping off at places along the coast all the way back to the city.

Dsc_4416     Dsc_4422
Karl likes what he sees.                          Looking back towards the city.

What a sight!

Here are a few pics taken around my neighbourhood of North Beach.  Washington Square is a focal point of the neighbourhood and a great place to chill out on a fine day.

Chillin’ in the park at Washington Square, with the Church of St Peter and St Paul.

Img_2786     Img_2845
Washington Square.                                A Victorian-era house at sunset.

Img_2780     Img_2781

A few photos from the rooftop deck on a gorgeous San Francisco day…

Img_2772     Img_2847
(L) The apartment is slowly coming along, the living room is halfway there. (R) Union Street at sunset.

We had a Consultant class activity at Bain last month and headed up to nearby Mt Tamalpais for a short day hike.  Here are a couple of pics looking back towards the city from the summit:

Img_2749     Img_2759
Looking south from the summit of Mt Tam towards the city.  In the photo at left you can spot the Bay Bridge and the city spanning the peninsula across to the Pacific Ocean.


Oh yeah, before I go, here are a few shots taken from my office at Bain.  The office is in the Embarcadero Center, and my desk is on the 32nd floor facing north.  I get a great view over North Beach (including my apartment!) and Russian Hill, and can see Alcatraz and a bit of the Golden Gate Bridge as well.

Img_2790Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill and North Beach, with Alcatraz on the bay.  You can see my apartment in this photo on the right-hand side of the hill.  Start at Coit Tower and follow the line of the hill to the right.  It’s the olive green building there just before the hill really drops off.

When I drove home one evening I saw thousands of people lining the Embarcadero along the bay.  I found out that it was the annual KFOG Kaboom, a fireworks event put on by a local radio station.  Turned out I had a great view of it from from my deck, and I could see hundreds of boats clustered around the Bay Bridge for it.


Dsc_4491     Dsc_4493

Dsc_4466     Dsc_4467

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