Day 50: Plovdiv

Crap name, cool city.  Plovdiv is the city that Sofia isn’t – a manageable size, clean, green, and generally "nice".  It’s a few hours east of the capital and I desperately needed to get out of Sofia so I made a beeline stright for it.  I checked into a hostel and then went for lunch at a very cool restaurant – a converted Commie military bunker under the hill!  I then wandered up into the Old Town to see what remains of the old Roman city that once stood there – not much these days, but the amphitheatre still stands and is quite impressive.  They still hold performances there over the summer.  The Old Town was pretty nice by Bulgarian standards with cobbled strees, some well-restored Renaissance architecture, antique shops etc.  The view from one of the city’s seven hills was pretty impressive too.

Dsc_1399     Dsc_1401

The weather was stinking hot in Plovdiv and fairly humid as well, so on my second day there I decided to head to one of the "aqua parks" in town to chill and do sweet fuck all for the day.  I’m making that a bit of a regular event these days in each place I go to, probably ‘cos I’m a bit citied out.  Still, can’t ask for much more than a good swimming pool, lots of sun, a good book to read and some funky tunes to listen to.  Just what the doctor ordered…  🙂

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