A Visit to Townsville

While back in Australia, I took the chance to visit my aunt Karen up in Townsville, in far north Queensland.  I hadn’t seen Karen in years and I thought this would be my last chance to catch up with her for the next few years.  Also, being winter, it was a great chance to catch some sun and work on my tan!


Karen’s place is in Alligator Creek, just south of Townsville.


A huuuuge green tree frog that calls Karen’s place home.


A fresh seafood feast for two!  Those weird looking things are Moreton Bay Bugs which have a crab’s body and a lobster’s tail.  They’re delicious!

After a couple of days around Karen’s place, we took a trip to Magnetic Island, about a one hour ferry ride from Townsville.  The island is a great place to relax on the beach, which is exactly what I did.


A few days later we drove up into the mountains north of Townsville.  We had a lovely lunch surrounded by all sorts of native tropical birds, and then took a short hike through the rainforest.


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