Here are a few photos from a vacation I took with Melinda to the Maldive Islands, a  group of idyllic coral atolls off the south coast of India in the Indian Ocean, right on the equator. We flew north by Twin Otter seaplane – an adventure in itself – from Male (the capital) to, Read More

(Unfortunately most of my photos were on film, but I’ll try and get more of them up here soonish.) I flew from Zurich to Hong Kong to rendezvous with Melinda who was flying in from Melbourne.  We spent a few days exploring Honkers – I really enjoyed HK and Kowloon and thought the city, Read More

Here’s the first-ever group email I sent around to friends and family after my Thailand trip, which kicked off my travels in Europe in 1998.  I’ll have to get around to scanning in some photos sometime… Hiya all! That’s the slogan for Thailand’s latest tourism campaign: “Amazing Thailand”.  And that’s what it has been – absolutely, Read More