We spent a day in El Calafate to have a well-earned break, unwind and recover from our climb.  We however couldn’t leave Calafate without seeing the world-famous Perito Moreno Glacier 80km away, and took the bus out there in the morning. Now I’ve seen a lot of glaciers in my time, but this one, Read More

I remember the first time I heard of the Ice Cap (also called the South Patagonian Ice Field or the Continental Ice Cap), many years ago now as I was just getting into the mountain scene.  I was flicking through a Macpac outdoor gear catalog from NZ and they had a full double-page photo of their, Read More

What can I say, I loooooooove this city!!! I’ve been here for a few weeks now and am really getting into it.  I arrived after a hellishly long trip across the Pacific.  I first had an 18 hours stopover in Auckland overnight which sucked (ever wondered who “that guy” is sleeping on the lounge, Read More

G’day again, and welcome back listeners.  I’m in Australia for a couple of weeks right now and it’s fantastic to be home again.  I definitely feel like it’s been a great chance to recharge my batteries.  While backpacking the Silk Road was a unique and incredible experience, I definitely ran out of steam by, Read More