I left La Paz on a jam-packed colectivo (minivan) for the town of Copacobana on the shore of Lake Titicaca.  It was an interesting mix of people, with a combination of backpackers (four lads from Argentina) and locals heading home from the city.  It quickly turned from a basic three hour trip into a, Read More

Without the time to duck into Peru and experience Macchu Picchu (it’s been on my “To Do” list for years…), I was keen to make a day trip out of La Paz to see the ruins at Tiahuanaco, on the old shoreline of sacred Lake Titicaca. To make it easy for myself I signed, Read More

I left Santa Cruz’s hot and humid conditions and boarded an ageing 727-100 (!) that looked like it had just one more flight left in it.  One hour later, and having flown through a large thunderstorm, I arrived in La Paz, which at around 4,000m makes it the world’s highest capital city by far, Read More

Here are some more photos… The Habitat group on our final day with Adriana Escalante, the owner of the house, and her children.

I decided some time ago that I wanted to do some volunteer work over the duration of my trip, and with the support of my employer I signed up for one of Habitat for Humanity’s “Global Village” projects in Bolivia.  Habitat for Humanity is a US-based and church-affiliated non-profit that builds low-cost housing around, Read More

Here are a few pics from my last night out on the town (I’m off to Bolivia to do some volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity over the next few weeks).  With a bunch of mates from the language school we kicked things off at the uber-retro Soul Cafe before heading on to Opera, Read More

For New Years I took up an offer from my mate Tanya to join her and some friends in the beach resort town of Punta del Este.  I’ve known Tanya since my days at Monash Uni and she’s living in Boston at the moment.  I knew she was planning a Christmas trip with a, Read More

It’s been really nice to relax back in Buenos Aires after all the fun and games down in Patagonia.  I’ve been taking more Spanish classes since I’ve been back, but with just four hours a day of classes in the morning I’ve been using the afternoons to explore some more of the city. Christmas, Read More

Last stop on our whirlwind trip of Patagonia was the coastal town of Puerto Madryn.  Its conveniently placed around about the halfway mark between Río Gallegos (right down south on the Atlantic coast) and Buenos Aires, some two solid days travel away. It turned out to be a bit of a bitch to get, Read More

After our recovery day in El Calafate we headed further south towards Torres del Paine, which is in neighbouring Chile.  Our route there took us across the flat, open and incredibly barren pampas, with the occasional estancia or glimpse of the Andes to the west (we even say Torres del Paine in the distance, Read More