I’ve spent the past few days exploring more of the city, and I like what I’ve seen.  Budapest has done a great job of keeping with the old while embracing change. Greg and I caught a ferry up the Danube one day to the small village of Szentendre, to see what life is like, Read More

Neal, Greg and I spent the day exploring the Buda side of Budapest, which is on the western bank of the Danube.  Atop Castle Hill, an imposing citadel covering a decent sized hill, we explored the old Royal Palace, walked past many government buildings along the cobbled streets, saw a few impressive churches and, Read More

After a long night farewelling my friends in Baden I caught a 6:30am train to Munich.  I decided to add on the side trip (originally I planned to go direct from Zurich to Budapest) to take up an offer from a Brazilian mate Marcelo to join him and a bunch of his friends from, Read More

It’s been great fun being back in Switzerland for the past week… Last weekend I joined some of my rugby mates at one of our traditional summer tournaments – the St. Gallen "Bishop’s Cup" 10’s tournament in eastern Switzerland.  Sure enough I couldn’t avoid pulling on the boots again and I played a handful, Read More

The Grand Tour began at 4:30am on 6 June at the corner of Greenwich and Grant St in San Francisco.  My taxi didn’t show and I was therefore rushed to make my flight on time.  It all worked out OK and I had an uneventful flight and seamless transfer in Toronto.  It was a, Read More

Now that I’ve wrapped up the MBA at Berkeley, what comes next?  Well, I’ve accepted an offer from Bain & Company (a management consultancy) here in their San Francisco office that I’m really fired up for.  BUT before you all think that I’ve finally grown up at the ripe old age of thirty, there’s, Read More