From a group email sent to family and friends after my trip: In early October I flew out of Switzerland to Dublin, and from there raced straight up to Belfast for the Aussie’s first Rugby World Cup game – versus Romania.  It was great being there for the event with what must’ve been every, Read More

Well, my time has come – for now at least – to leave this land of good chocolate, cuckoo clocks, smelly cheeses, incredible mountains, filthy cigarettes, Nazi gold, ridiculous small dogs, offensive prices, and many somewhat humourless law-abiding people!  Hey, but it’s not all bad!!!  I couldn’t have asked for more out of the, Read More

(Yet another trip well before the era of digital cameras!  I’ll have to scan in some photos sometime…) While I was interning at ABB Power Generation in Switzerland in 1998-1999, I was able to negotiate six weeks off to backpack around Europe over the summer.  Here’s a summary of the trip, with extracts from, Read More

Here’s some text from a group email I sent in April 1999: Grüezi miteinander! Sorry I haven’t been around for a while but I’ve been too busy having too much fun!  The first few months of ’99 have been absolutely crazy, I’m loving Europe, and I haven’t really had time to take a breath.  I’ve also, Read More