Here’s a few pics from some of the festivities to celebrate the end of first year.  Some of the highlights included a fantastic class banquet at the International House followed by an after-party at Brad’s place up above the school, and a bonfire on Ocean Beach one evening to celebrate Kristin Richmond’s birthday.  , Read More

The Haas Wine Club took advantage of some of the good weather we were having in Spring and organized a tour through a handful of Sonoma County wineries.  I can’t remember the wineries’ names but they were all high-end Gallo Wines brands – thanks to Joe Gallo (a classmate) for helping organize it!  , Read More

My friend Jolien Blankestijn visited me from the Netherlands over Spring Break, and we decided to do a 9-day road trip through Nevada, Utah, Arizona and southern California.      A fantastic sunset looking west from the Berkeley hills up above campus. Our first day on the road was a long one, driving all, Read More

With reports of good snow cover and half-decent weather over the weekend, Ben Cain (a good mate from b-school) and I decided to do a backcountry trip above Lake Tahoe.  Ben knew the area fairly well so on his advice we drove up towards Fallen Leaf Lake near South Lake Tahoe.  We took his, Read More

In early 2005 I had my first visitors to San Francisco.  First to visit were my great friends James Habersberger and Katie Brown from Melbourne.  Katie works for Exxon-Mobil back in Oz and had managed to wangle a weekend off from her work in Houston to come and see me in SF. The view, Read More

Berkeley plays Stanford at football (that is, American Football) each year in the Big Game.  It’s been played for the past 100+ years and is a huge event in the Bay Area – it seems like everyone in the city is either a Cal or Stanford alum! I went to the game this year, Read More

Here are a few pictures from my trip to New York for the Net Impact conference. Of course a business school student just HAD to visit Wall Street! The Columbia University campus. Central Park in Autumn – fantastic!              Jazz in the Park.                      , Read More

Dawn light touches Half Dome (at left). Looking further up the valley – typical Yosemite!  Granite and fir trees.   The cable section near the summit.  I saw many people with grossly inadequate footwear slipping and sliding on the steep granite.  It’s no wonder there are a few fatalities each year… Fantastic views at, Read More

    Wheeler Hall.     Haas School of Business.                        Sather Gate at Sproul Plaza. The view from above Memorial Stadium with the Campanile and San Francisco in the distance.

    (L) Camping on the beach on the island of Culebra.  (R) Chillin’ on the beach on Culebra.     Home Sweet Home on Culebra.               Alexa in Rincon.     (L) Hiking in the Toro Negro cloud forest.  (R) Lost and searching for the waterfall in El Yunque National, Read More