I realised recently that it’s been a while since I’ve posted any photos of my apartment in San Francisco.  I’m pretty much done settling in, although I’m yet to do much in the bedroom and still need some furniture (bedside table and dresser) in there.  It’s also time to buy a flatscreen!  Anyway, here’s, Read More

After a very quiet Christmas week kicking around the office, I was keen to get out of the city for the day and take the car for a spin, even with the weather pretty sketchy.  In search of a bit of history and culture I drove south of San Jose to San Juan Bautista,, Read More

Mum and Dad came over from Melbourne to visit me for a short stay.  This is the first time they’d come back to SF since my graduation from Berkeley, so it was great to show them around my new digs. While I was busy during the week with work, I planned a weekend trip, Read More

Here are some photos that I’ve taken around the Bay Area recently… A gorgeous dawn from my bedroom window. One of my recent additional responsibilities at work has been to organise the Consultant Offeree Weekend.  One of the events we held was lunch and a cruise around the bay.  Here are a few pics, Read More

Together with Virginia, a friend from work, we decided one sunny weekend to rent bikes and ride across the Golden Gate Bridge to Tiburon in Marin County.  The route took us past the Marina and Crissy Field, up and over the bridge, past Sausalito, and then along the bay around to Tiburon.  We had, Read More

Here are some photos from a fantastic weekend hike near Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park.  I went with Genia, a colleague from work, her husband and her brother.  As you can see we had perfect weather! En route to the trail head along the Tioga Pass Road:           Day 1:, Read More

I’ve really been enjoying the freedom of having a car recently, and on a lovely afternoon one weekend I went for a short drive to some corners of the city that are hard to get to without a car.      The fog creeps in.                            , Read More

Before work begins I’ve been busy zigging and zagging across the city doing a million different things.  I’ve had my camera with me (habit after traveling for so long!) and have snapped a few pics around the city.  Here are a few:      Sather Gate, at the southern entrance to UC Berkeley.  , Read More

Once I flew back in to San Francisco my top priority was to find somewhere to live (and thanks to Margaret and Laura for putting me up when I first got back!).  I gave myself a couple of weeks to find a place as I knew that decent places in the neighbourhoods I wanted, Read More

Before jetting off to Turkey to begin the Silk Road part of my trip, I took the chance to fly to Washington DC to see Adriana, who is working at the World Bank at the moment doing some really cool renewable energy stuff in South America.  I hadn’t been in DC since I was, Read More