So much for promises!  I sadly STILL haven’t updated this site since I last promised it waaaaay back in April 2009.  I’ll blame it on the fact I’ve been a busy boy (as always), but I have to admit that I’ve become more likely to post photos on Facebook than here.  I’ve now set things up, Read More

With everyone heading home to their families for Thanksgiving long weekend, and with my own family half a world away, I was keen to escape California for a short vacation somewhere warm.  I found a partner in crime in my Aussie friend Tanya, who I’ve known since undergrad and who just wrapped up her, Read More

We flew down to Mexico the morning after my graduation.  My parents had recently bought into a global timeshare and wanted to try it out for the first time in the Pacific coast city of Mazatlan.  Our resort was the dated Balboa Towers, but what it lacked in style it made up for in, Read More

This was a three-week backpacking trip through three countries across the Yucatan Peninsula.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a digital camera back then but I have a few scanned photos that I’ll include here. The journey began in Belize on the sleepy island of Caye Caulker popular with backpackers.  It was good to have a, Read More