Here’s another transcribed group email I sent out during my first year living in Switzerland: Since I’ve been back from Turkey (did I mention how good THAT trip was???) I’ve been going non-stop.  Not work mind you, because due to this crazy country I haven’t worked a full five day working week since I got, Read More

I recently dug up some old group emails that my Mum has held onto, and decided to spend some time transcribing them back online for posterity here on my site (as my old Hotmail account dating back to the nineties is long gone). Grüezi miteinander! Sorry I haven’t been around for a while but, Read More

Another transcribed email from back in the day… After complaints from many of you readers, the editor has decided to make this one concise.  So here goes… Had a real slack last week before Christmas, with 3 out of 12 people in the department actually working, the rest on holiday.  On 24th flew to, Read More

Here’s an extract from an old group email I sent around: Grüezi! Welcome to the second edition!  For all those original subscribers, thanks for continuing to buy this trash.  For the new subscribers, welcome aboard.  Your business is appreciated.  If any of you want a back-copy of the first edition “Amazing Thailand:, send your, Read More