No ladies, I’m not talking about the Hungarian boys strutting their stuff at the thermal baths – and sorry but no photos of that either!  But I am talking about the small city of Pecs (pron. "Paich") in southern Hungary. I felt like getting out of Budapest for the day and took a liking, Read More

I’ve spent the past few days exploring more of the city, and I like what I’ve seen.  Budapest has done a great job of keeping with the old while embracing change. Greg and I caught a ferry up the Danube one day to the small village of Szentendre, to see what life is like, Read More

Neal, Greg and I spent the day exploring the Buda side of Budapest, which is on the western bank of the Danube.  Atop Castle Hill, an imposing citadel covering a decent sized hill, we explored the old Royal Palace, walked past many government buildings along the cobbled streets, saw a few impressive churches and, Read More