I’ve spent some time recently thinking about taking on a couple of “big” outdoor pursuits in 2015, and have started researching some commercial expeditions.  I structured all of the information I gathered in a table which highlights the seasonality of various trips and destinations by location and month. Leading contenders at this early stage, Read More

The blog has suffered from even more neglect over the past year or two, but I’m determined to start being more diligent!  For the time being I’ll capture the travels I’ve done from the last post until now, so at least I have it documented: Australia: Business trip to the Gold Coast and Melbourne, Read More

I’m sometimes asked by expedition companies or mountaineering clubs for something akin to a climbing resume, and thought I would try and capture the broad strokes of my mountaineering experience here.  I’ll come back and update it from time to time as I continue to accumulate new experience. Instructional Courses Alpine Climbing Basic Mountaineering: Höhenfieber, Read More

Yet more travels under my belt, but not a blog update in sight.  Sigh… France: Bordeaux, Medoc, Cognac, Provence, Avignon, Arles, Corsica, Dordogne (Rocamadour, Domme, Monpazier), St Emilion, Chamonix, mountaineering week around Mont Blanc massif Spain: Barcelona for Andy & Laura’s wedding, Montserrat Germany: Munich Netherlands: Amsterdam x 2 Switzerland: Zurich, Baden, Lausanne, Berner Oberland,, Read More

After our recovery day in El Calafate we headed further south towards Torres del Paine, which is in neighbouring Chile.  Our route there took us across the flat, open and incredibly barren pampas, with the occasional estancia or glimpse of the Andes to the west (we even say Torres del Paine in the distance, Read More

We spent a day in El Calafate to have a well-earned break, unwind and recover from our climb.  We however couldn’t leave Calafate without seeing the world-famous Perito Moreno Glacier 80km away, and took the bus out there in the morning. Now I’ve seen a lot of glaciers in my time, but this one, Read More

I remember the first time I heard of the Ice Cap (also called the South Patagonian Ice Field or the Continental Ice Cap), many years ago now as I was just getting into the mountain scene.  I was flicking through a Macpac outdoor gear catalog from NZ and they had a full double-page photo of their, Read More

After all that ascending, the descent back to Lukla was short (just four days) and quite anti-climactic!     A Buddhist monastery along the path.    One of the rock carvings along the path.     En route to Namche Bazaar.                   And we’re DONE!!!  Flying out…

It began to snow as we arrived in Gorak Shep (nothing more than a couple of lodges wedged between two glacial moraines) and the weather didn’t let up for a couple of days. Our first day in Gorak Shep was a total white-out, but I wasn’t about to let it stop me ascending to, Read More

The next day we walked from Dzonglha to Gorak Shep.  As we had already acclimatized we had no need to stay at Lobuche which we passed en route, but we were glad not to as it was a bit of a dump anyway. Me and the Old Man with our first view at the, Read More