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I traveled to Canada in early August for Sloane Hunter and Mitch Wegmann’s wedding in Canmore, in the Canadian Rockies.  I hadn’t seen Sloane, a close friend from my European backpacking travels in ’99, in around eight years since I visited her in chilly Alberta over Christmas 2000.  I’d never met Mitch either, so I, Read More

For our first consultant class activity we decided to go skiing at Kirkwood for the weekend.  Uncle Bain was nice enough to give us Friday off for it, and pay for our accomodation, so we all piled up to Kirkwood on Thursday night and Friday morning.  We timed getting up there perfectly as there, Read More

While I had to work Christmas week, I was still able to escape up to Whistler over the four day long weekend.  Tara, a good friend of mine from Bain (now en route to France to start her MBA at INSEAD) was up there with her family, and she suggested I come up and, Read More

Here are some photos from a fantastic weekend hike near Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park.  I went with Genia, a colleague from work, her husband and her brother.  As you can see we had perfect weather! En route to the trail head along the Tioga Pass Road:           Day 1:, Read More

Back in La Paz, and with a day up my sleeve before I was due to fly back to Buenos Aires, I had the chance to do something I’d heard rave reviews about from some fellow travelers: mountain biking the “World’s Most Dangerous Road”! The road in question is that which connects La Paz, Read More

We caught the morning ferry from Copacobana to La Isla del Sol (the Island of the Sun), which lies in the off the southern shore of Lake Titicaca.  Apart from its beauty and dramatic scenery, Isla del Sol was used for religious ceremonies by the Incas, and we wanted to check out the remnants, Read More

After our recovery day in El Calafate we headed further south towards Torres del Paine, which is in neighbouring Chile.  Our route there took us across the flat, open and incredibly barren pampas, with the occasional estancia or glimpse of the Andes to the west (we even say Torres del Paine in the distance, Read More

I remember the first time I heard of the Ice Cap (also called the South Patagonian Ice Field or the Continental Ice Cap), many years ago now as I was just getting into the mountain scene.  I was flicking through a Macpac outdoor gear catalog from NZ and they had a full double-page photo of their, Read More