In the summer of 2003 I took a week off work to join a guided mountaineering tour in the Alps.  The location was in the mountains surrounding one of the most picturesque villages in Switzerland – Saas Fee, "Die Perle der Alpen".  The town lies in the Oberwallis or Upper Valais region of the, Read More

I did this hike with three mates from work: Milan Pathak, Andrew Rennard and Simon Crease.  It was a nice little half day hike up past a few alpine lakes to the top of the pass.  I love the colour of the water!

Baby (Ian Stone) and I decided to head out for a short hike on a sunny July day, and ended up in Kanton Uri in Central Switzerland.  We hiked for several hours up the mountain, but given we couldn’t find any fresh water along the route we couldn’t go as far as we wanted. , Read More

This is one of my favourite hikes in the Swiss Alps!  My mate Andy Passmore and I did it back in 1999 and liked it so much we returned in 2003 to do it again with our friends Ian Summerside and Alex Derksen.  Here’s an email that I sent after the earlier ’99 hike:, Read More

    (L) Camping on the beach on the island of Culebra.  (R) Chillin’ on the beach on Culebra.     Home Sweet Home on Culebra.               Alexa in Rincon.     (L) Hiking in the Toro Negro cloud forest.  (R) Lost and searching for the waterfall in El Yunque National, Read More

I did a short day hike with Andy Passmore, Paul & Anna Sidebottom and Chris “Baby” Stone into the valley above the Unterer Grindelwaldgletscher.  The weather wasn’t the best that day but it gave us some great views further up the valley to some of the 4000m peaks there and also back down towards, Read More

Here’s a collection of photos from several hikes I did over the summer of 2002 in Central Switzerland… Appenzellerland – 11-12 May For the first hike of the year we (Mike and Amy Griggs, Nick Waddsley and Mark McCarthy – all friends from work) decided to head towards the hills surrounding 2502m Saentis in, Read More

(Unfortunately most of my photos were on film, but I’ll try and get more of them up here soonish.) I flew from Zurich to Hong Kong to rendezvous with Melinda who was flying in from Melbourne.  We spent a few days exploring Honkers – I really enjoyed HK and Kowloon and thought the city, Read More

(Yet another trip well before the era of digital cameras!  I’ll have to scan in some photos sometime…) While I was interning at ABB Power Generation in Switzerland in 1998-1999, I was able to negotiate six weeks off to backpack around Europe over the summer.  Here’s a summary of the trip, with extracts from, Read More

Here’s another transcribed group email I sent out during my first year living in Switzerland: Since I’ve been back from Turkey (did I mention how good THAT trip was???) I’ve been going non-stop.  Not work mind you, because due to this crazy country I haven’t worked a full five day working week since I got, Read More