Flying over Greenland

Whenever I fly back from Europe to San Francisco I always keep an eye out the window midway through the flight for views over the wilds of places like Iceland or the far north of Canada. On one overnight flight in the middle of winter I once had spectacular views of the aurora swirling overhead while we cruised at 35,000 feet.

On this United Airlines flight from LHR to SFO I raised the window shades just as we flew over some ice floes, heralding our arrival on to the east coast of Greenland. For the following half an hour I stuck glued to window watching the most other-worldly landscape pass below our plane. The views were spectacular, and really whet my appetite to plan some remote polar adventure sometime in the near future. IMG_1987.JPGIMG_1989.JPGIMG_2006.JPGIMG_2010.JPGIMG_2013.JPG

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