Back By Popular Demand – For One Show Only!

G’day again, and welcome back listeners.  I’m in Australia for a couple of weeks right now and it’s fantastic to be home again.  I definitely feel like it’s been a great chance to recharge my batteries.  While backpacking the Silk Road was a unique and incredible experience, I definitely ran out of steam by the end of the end of it and was fed up with just about everything.  I needed to get back here, put my feet up for a while and just chill, and that’s exactly what I’ve done.  Aaaaah…

The trip home was timed to attend my good mate Colin & Bianca’s wedding here in Melbourne, and I’m so glad I could make it their big day.  I also got across to Perth to see my sister Sally’s gorgeous baby Zoe for the first time- aint she a cutie?!  Ohmygod I can’t believe I’m an uncle!!!


Dscn4122     Dscn4125


So what next you all ask?  Well this world-weary traveler’s checked the gauge and has got one more left in the tank: I’m jetting off to South America this weekend.  I booked the flights waaaaay back at the start of this Grand Tour of mine, although I recently started to doubt whether I had the energy for it.  There’s still definitely a part of me that just wants to get back to San Francisco, find an apartment, unpack my boxes and get stuck into my new job.  But I feel up for it now, I’m fired up and I’m gonna come out swingin’, and I’m really looking forward to getting across there.  I’ve loved so much about South America on my two previous trips there, and I have some great plans this time around.  I’m going to call Buenos Aires home for the next few months and kick it off by doing an intensive Spanish course.  I plan to do a couple of backpacking trips to explore the rest of Argentina, and hopefully to the countries next door as well (Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia…).  But, as usual, it’s all TBD!

Before I sign off, a HUGE thanks to those of you who poked and prodded me to kick-start this blog again (yes you know who you are!).  After the Silk Road I was soooo sick of doing it and didn’t think I could give it another go.  But here I am, pounding away at the keyboard again (with my two index fingers – I really should learn to ten finger type!) and I have to admit kinda enjoying it.  This blogging thing sure is a good way to purge, and it’s nice to have my own private bit of the world wide web it fill with all my opinionated crap.  🙂

‘Til next time!  Stay tuned!!

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