Day 18: Slovakia for a Day

We left Budapest early this morning and headed north-west to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.  This wasn’t really on our "to do" list, however it conveniently broke up our journey to Krakow in Poland.

Who knows, maybe I’m already city-d out, but I didn’t think much of Bratislava.  Sure there were some lovely renaissance buildings in the old town, and the impressive castle up on the hill definitely dominates the skyline, but the Soviet apartment blocks that line the other side of the Danube probably give a better indication of what this city is like.

Dsc_0436    Dsc_0468
Left: Michael’s Tower in the Old Town.   Right: The Primate’s Palace.

Dsc_0455    Dsc_0457
Left: Bratislava Castle atop Castle Hill.  Right: The view from Castle Hill towards the oh-so-attractive Communist-built apartment blocks across the Danube river.

NB: Have no fear though any Slovakians who might be reading this blog!  I’m definitely planning on coming back to Slovakia to do some hiking through the High Tatras, a wild and picturesque mountain range in the north of the country (near Poland).  I’ll probably hit that up after Krakow.

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