Disorientation Week

To celebrate the end of our MBAs we planned a bunch of activities to unwind, enjoy the moment and farewell many of our friends.  It was a mirror image of the Orientation Week activities organized for us two years earlier, so it was aptly named Disorientation Week.

OCEAN BEACH BONFIRE: This was a repeat of a great event we had at the end of first year.  Sure enough the weather was identical to the previous bonfire: clear skies, bitterly cold and windy.

Dscn3790    Dscn3806

SF GIANTS vs. CHICAGO CUBS BASEBALL @ SBC PARK: I’d never been to a baseball match and this was a perfect introduction.  SBC Park in South Beach is a beautiful stadium with views over the bay, and we got some great weather for the day.

Dscn3845    Dscn3848

END OF YEAR PARTY: We enjoyed a great end-of-year party with the first-years at Dolce nightclub in North Beach.  Dave Good (VP Social) organized a cool U2 cover band, and between sets John Osvald and Niko Vuori DJ’d some groovy dance tunes.

Dscn3859    Dscn3856

LAS VEGAS WEEKEND: One of the highlights!  Somehow I’d missed out on even getting to Vegas in my two years in the USA, and this was the perfect introduction.  About 80 of us flew down on Saturday and we met up at the Mandalay Bay hotel at the south end of the Strip.  We relaxed by the swimming pools that afternoon and then got changed for the evening.  After dinner we met up in a hotel suite that we’d got for the night with a fully stocked bar and the party ensued.  Around midnight we headed downstairs to the Rum Jungle night club and we danced and gambled until dawn.  After a few hours on the couch back up at the suite (I didn’t bother to get a room) I went back down to the swimming pool for a few more hours before flying back to SF.

Dscn3884    Dscn3888
The view from the hotel suite.               The four blondes: Megan, Jenna,
                                                            Alexis & Tara

AFTERNOON IN GOLDEN GATE PARK: I had my last exam on Tuesday morning and then met up with my sister Marnie in Berkeley to show her around campus.  We met up with Adriana at the station and headed back across to San Francisco to Golden Gate Park, where a group of classmates had organized a relaxing picnic in one of the meadows.  It was a great afternoon to unwind and enjoy being done.

HAAS IDOL (KAREOKE NIGHT): Kareoke was always a favourite amongst some of my classmates and it was no surprise to see a kareoke night scheduled.  It was held at Silver Cloud in the Marina, a favourite haunt.  I swore I wouldn’t get up to sing anything but sure enough I was peer-pressured into signing none other than Men At Work’s "Down Under".  Needless to say I didn’t win…

END OF YEAR BANQUET: At the end of first year we held a banquet at International House near school, and the evening was such a success that we planned to do it again.  This year it was held in the Italian Athletics Club ballroom in North Beach, just a few blocks from my place.  It was attended by just about everyone in the class which was fantastic, and I was fortunate enough to have Adriana and Marnie there with me.  The slideshows of photos and stories from the past year were a highlight.

Dscn3925    Dscn3914
Marnie & Margaret.                                Karti & Duncan.

BERKELEY PUB CRAWL: We planned a last tour of Berkeley’s favourite student bars on Thursday evening.  We began at Raleigh’s on Telegraph Ave before moving to the Bear’s Lair nearby.  We then headed downtown to Beckett’s, the site of many a night of trivia, before ending at Jupiter.

LAST CONSUMPTION FUNCTION: On Friday evening we had one last Consumption Function at Haas.  Mum and Dad arrived from Australia earlier in the day and powered on through to attend the event.  It was great fun to meet classmate’s parents and families.

Dscn3929    Dscn3931
Mum, Marnie & Dad at the Campanile after the Consumption Function.


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