A Week in Mazatlan

We flew down to Mexico the morning after my graduation.  My parents had recently bought into a global timeshare and wanted to try it out for the first time in the Pacific coast city of Mazatlan.  Our resort was the dated Balboa Towers, but what it lacked in style it made up for in location – directly fronting the beach with views of the islands off the coast.

We generally took it easy for the entire week.  We took a short tour down around the old town centre (nothing much there…) and saw the cliff divers.  We ate like kings most nights, and Dad and I went down to the brand new Estrella del Mar golf course for a round one day.  Adriana arranged for us to sail across to Goat Island one afternoon, which had a great stretch of beach and some tracks to hike.

Dscn3965    Dscn3967
Cliff diving…

Dscn3964    Dscn3976

Dscn3977    Dscn3991
Dad works his way out of a bunker.        Yum.

Dscn3985    Dscn4023
The view from Goat Island.                    Mum and Dad on a catamaran.

Sunset from our hotel room, overlooking Bird Island.

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