Up North – Hot Tamale!

We spent our final few days in and around the northern city Tamale (pron. “ta-mah-lay”).  The north of Ghana is drier and far more arid savannah, and famine and hunger are much more prevalent.  And boy was it hot hot HOT.  We were there to meet with the UN World Food Programme and Catholic Relief Services, who were both delivering aid food to local communities.

These organizations drove us no more than 30 minutes out of the city (which seemed quite well-off) and just a few minutes off the highway.  The transformation was incredible – we came across tribal communities struggling to survive off the land, and they didn’t even have clean drinking water available.  In fact, clean water was by far the most important issue we felt needs to be addressed in rural Ghana.

Dscn1809    Img_0866
One meeting with the village leadership and tribal elders.  Our visit was an important event for them, and when we visited the school we found all the mothers there who wished to air their grievances.

Dscn1832    Dscn1856
Incredibly, this is the village’s only drinking water!

After a couple of days in Tamale we flew back to Accra to crank out our report and present it to our client (Abenaa, who came down to Accra from Kumasi) on our final day in the city.  After roughing it around the country we blew our budget on a pretty nice hotel along the coast on the outskirts of the city – the pool was a god-send!

“Bub-bye, bub-bye…”

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