The Kingdom of Ashanti

Kumasi is the capital of the Ashanti Kingdom in central Ghana, and it was our home for the second week of our trip.  We were there to work with Abenaa, another member of the UN Hunger Task Force, a senior staff member of the Ghana Health Service and the woman responsible for the pilot school feeding program we were in Ghana to develop.

We spent a few days in Kumasi, meeting with several agencies and discussing the project with Abenaa.  We also visited a hospital for malnourished children which was really depressing to witness but extremely relevant to our project.

Img_0634    Img_0656
Learning everything you need to know    A malnourished child. The hospital
about milling grains.                             also educates mothers on nutrition.

Kumasi is also home to West Africa’s largest market, and we disappeared into its depths for a few hours to explore its labyrinth of alleys, shacks and sheds.  It was an amazing experience!  Unfortunately they didn’t like us taking photos much so the camera stayed away for the most part.

Dscn1670    Dscn1656
Indeed.                                                 How do you like your snails, sir?  Big!!

Img_0760     Img_0754
Closing down sale – everything must go!   I have no idea what these are…

Img_0744     Img_0756

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