Road Tripping

My friend Jolien Blankestijn visited me from the Netherlands over Spring Break, and we decided to do a 9-day road trip through Nevada, Utah, Arizona and southern California.

Dscn0812     Dscn0822
A fantastic sunset looking west from the Berkeley hills up above campus.

Our first day on the road was a long one, driving all the way from San Francisco to Salt Lake City via Lake Tahoe and the flat, empty expanses of Nevada.

Dscn0877     Dscn0886
And we’re off! Goodbye SF!                      Hello deserts of Nevada!

We stayed overnight in Salt Lake, had a little snoop around the next morning nothing much there!) and then drove down south to Zion National Park. We had a couple of days there and had some really variable weather. Our first day was rain and sleet so we didn’t do as much hiking as we’d like, but we woke up the next morning to find it sunny and clear so we decided to do the quite strenuous hike up to Angel’s Landing.

Dscn0948     Dscn0950
Not the safest hike!                                The valley floor waaay below…

Dscn0929     Dscn0996
A VERY cold shower!

Dscn0999_2     Imgp1690
Looking down Zion Canyon.                      Up the chains I go…

The route up to Angel’s Landing took us along this knife-edge ridge. That’s the Landing at the top.

The view from Angel’s Landing – wow!

We then took the back roads through some gorgeous country to another of Utah’s highlights, Bryce Canyon National Park. These fascinating rock features were beautifully contrasted by the snow that was covering them. It was a LOT colder than Zion NP, but then again we were a good 9000+ feet high!

Dscn1052     Dscn1053


Dscn1078     Dscn1096

After we left Bryce Canyon it was a long day’s drive (again) through the mountains and deserts of south-east Utah, across the Colorado River and into Arizona via the amazing Mokee Dugway (a road that begins at 6425ft and descends 1100ft over 3 miles of dirt road) and through Navajo country to the Grand Canyon.

Dscn1134     Dscn1130
The deserts and snow-capped mountains of south-east Utah.

Dscn1146     Dscn1142
Our first views of the Colorado River!

Dscn1147     Dscn1165

Dscn1157     Dscn1162
The expanses of Arizona as seen from      The scenery of Navajo Country.
Mokee Dugway.

Dscn1171     Dscn1175
A chilly night @ Grand Canyon.

Dscn1188     Dscn1195
Brrr…                                                    But beautiful views nonetheless!

After two nights at the Grand Canyon we had our last long haul aaaaall the way through southern California and Los Angeles to Santa Barbara. On our last day on the road we drove the length of Highway 1 along the coast past Big Sur and Carmel and on to Berkeley.

Dscn1227     Dscn1202

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