I left Alex and Laura in Antigua and flew down to Nicaragua to catch up with Jolien.  I flew into the capital Managua and caught a bus down to the old town of Granada.


I’d describe Granada as "having potential" – it’s like a run-down Antigua, with some beautiful colonial-style buildings, restaurants and hotels.  We made a mistake at signing up for a boat tour around the island archipelago near Granada, as it was a complete waste of time.  Nothing much to see etc.

One highlight was a day-trip we did to the Laguna de Apoyo, and old volcanic crater that is now a natural lake.  We caught a ride down to the shoreline where there were a few hostels and hotels, but they wanted us to pay to use their "beach" so we walked off to find a quiet cove that would cost us nothing.  The water was cool and clean and a refreshing change from the tropical heat.  We did however miss the last bus out and luckily found a taxi to drive us back to the highway!


Our next destination was the island of Ometepe, a massive island formed by two volcanoes in the cetre of the Lago de Nicaragua.  Volcan Concepcion is still active and lacking in vegetation, while the other lower volcano is dormant, covered in rainforest and has a lake in its crater.  We planned to hike the second volcano.  The rainforest was beautiful but there really wasn’t much to see, as we were in the clouds for the upper half of the hike.  We caught glimpses of the lake at the volcano summit but there really wasn’t much to get excited about.

Ometepe     Dscn0580
Walking to the ferry.                                Home sweet home on Ometepe.


Dscn0532    Dscn0546
A very muddy track up the volcano.

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